Episode #19 – Scientific REI, Wholesaling’s Unusual Cousin, and How to Motivate Yourself (and Stay Motivated)…with Justin Colby

Episode #19 - Scientific REI, Wholesaling's Unusual Cousin, and How to Motivate Yourself (and Stay Motivated)...with Justin Colby

Show Notes

Who’s Justin Colby?

  • Co-Founder and President of Omni Investment Group and Phoenix Wealth Builders
  • Expert in purchasing, rehabbing, and flipping distressed properties
  • Has flipped over $100 Million in real estate
  • To date, has done over 650+ deals
  • Active in the Phoenix Metro Area
  • Host of The Science of Flipping Podcast on iTunes
  • Author of the The Science of Flipping (book)

What’s the best way to reach him?

Anything else?

Yes – Get a short recording of JUST the 7 Rules Justin share in this episode. That means you can listen to ONLY the rules, without any of the other conversation – whenever you need guidance or inspiration.

Get the short recording of Justin Colby’s  7 Rules For Real Estate Investing [Click the Link]